Advancing Medicine with AI-Powered Solutions

Disease Identification & Diagnosis

ML algorithms detect patterns associated with diseases and health conditions by studying thousands of healthcare records and other patient data.


Medical Imaging Diagnosis

Artificial intelligence can support radiologists and pathologists as they use medical imaging to diagnose a wide variety of conditions.


Robotic Surgery

ML can use real-time data, information to improve the accuracy of surgical robotic tools. The benefits include reduced human error, aid during more complex procedures and less invasive surgeries.


Genome Sequencing Analysis

Optimized for speed, accuracy, and scalability. Best Practices and is fully configurable, allowing users to choose which steps, parameter settings, and versions of the pipeline to run.


Smart Hospitals

Brings intelligent video analytics and conversational AI capabilities to healthcare, simplifying the development for automated body temperature screening, protective mask detection, and remote patient monitoring.


Diagnostic system from medical imaging

To meet the growing demand for care, medical technology leaders are turning to AI tools that can help radiation oncologists provide high-quality, individualized treatment faster.

Forecasting system on pharmacological reactions

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are an important concern in the medication process and can pose a substantial economic burden for patients and hospitals. Because of the limitations of clinical trials, it is difficult to identify all possible ADRs of a drug before it is marketed. We developed a new model based on data mining technology to predict potential ADRs based on available drug data.

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Optimization for Healthcare Insurance companies

Insurers are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to review medical records, optimize care for chronic conditions, identify risk.

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