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At Shaeryl Datatech, we're at the forefront of software development, focusing on AI/ML, Gen AI, NFT Development, and Blockchain Solutions. With a commitment to innovation, we empower businesses with advanced technologies, driving growth and transformation. From pioneering AI algorithms to secure Blockchain frameworks, we deliver bespoke solutions tailored to your needs, shaping the future of digital innovation.


We provide advanced AIML, generative AI, NFT development, and blockchain solutions for transformative digital innovation and business growth.

Blockchain Development

Whether you're a startup venturing into blockchain or an established enterprise seeking transformation, Shaeryl Data Tech is your trusted partner

Blockchain Capabilities

1. ICO
2. NFTs
3. DApps & Smart Contracts
4. Tokenization of assets and stablecoins
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AI/ML Services

Experience the future of AI with Shaeryl Data Tech as we revolutionize industries and redefine what's possible with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Language.

AI/ML Capabilities

1. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
2. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
3. Time Series Forecasting
4. Predictive Analytics
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Gen AI Services

At Shaeryl Data Tech, we understand that staying ahead in today's competitive landscape of Gen AI requires creativity, efficiency, and ingenuity.

Gen AI Capabilities

1. RAG Based Applications
2. Design Automation
3. Personalisation
4. Problem-solving
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"At Shaeryl Data Tech, we're not just a software development company; we're your trusted innovation partner. Our focus on customer satisfaction, backed by expertise in AI/ML, Gen AI, NFT, and Blockchain, ensures high ROI solutions tailored to your needs. Choose us for reliability, satisfaction, and transformative results.

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Today the question that organizations are asking is “How to cloud” and not “Why cloud?”. While there are tactical advantages of cloud including cost reduction, easier scale & reach; strategic advantages like faster time to market, agility and flexibility outperform them by far. Today’s advancements in AI, Big Data & Analytics and IoT would not have been possible without Cloud. Whether you want to build your IoT strategy or you want to build a Data Lake solution, you have to think about cloud. Our cloud services span cloud infra, cloud native app dev, cloud migration and cloud operation  such as Cloud Consulting, Cloud Architecture, Cloud App Migration, Cloud Data Migration, Cloud Native App, Cloud Native Data & Insight Development, Cloud Cloud Testing & Operations etc.


Elevate agriculture with our tech solutions. Empower farmers with data-driven choices, resource optimization, and productivity enhancement via AI/ML, offering cutting-edge tools and datasets.


1. Plant & Weed Identification
2. Crop Stress and Plant Disease Management
3. Field Management and Optimisation
4. Produce Grading and Sorting
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Transform healthcare with our tech solutions. Empower providers for superior care through cutting-edge tech, including pill recognition, surgical assistance, and cancer screening, powered by AI/ML.


1. Pill Recognition
2. Surgical Assistance
3. PPE Monitoring
4. Cancer Screening
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Revolutionize banking with our tech solutions. Empower institutions to boost security, streamline operations, and enhance customer experience through innovative technologies like Blockchain and NFTs.


1. Signature Compliance
2. ATM Activity Monitor
3. Counterfeit Detection
4. Identity Verificaton
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