An End-to-End Solution Used in Healthcare

Roboflow powers computer vision solutions for top-tier healthcare companies.

Pill Recognition

Surgical Assistance

PPE Monitoring

Cancer Screening

Create a Computer Vision Model in Three Easy Steps

You won’t need to hire a machine learning or machine vision engineer to implement your own working computer vision model.

Identify Problems Needing An Extra Set of Eyes

Scan an image or video feed and instantly detect objects, classify items, or recognize changes in scenery. Computer vision can assist with common, repetitive tasks and, in some cases, replace human involvement altogether.

Collect and Label Images For Training

Images from ultrasounds, x-rays, endoscopy, thermography, MRIs, and security feeds can all be used to train a computer vision model. You can label this data yourself or outsource these tasks to labeling services. Either way, you get one step closer to training your model.

Continuously Improve and Scale Your Model After Implementation

After uploading your images to Roboflow, we make it easy to train your model and implement it in a medical setting. Once your model is live, Roboflow can help you improve its accuracy and even add additional items to detect.

Get The Most Out of Your Medical Images

Roboflow is specifically designed to create more accurate computer vision models using fewer images.

Public Datasets

If you don't have your own imagery, you can still experiment with computer vision. Roboflow hosts dozens of public datasets including BCCD, an object detection dataset containing images of blood cells.

Labeling and Training Integrations

We integrate directly with the most popular labeling and training services. This provides you with flexibility when it comes to implementing your model on various devices.


Create more training data without uploading more images. Improve model accuracy from different angles or views by generating skewed or distorted versions of your source images.

Privacy and Security

Roboflow has the ability to sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with companies in the healthcare industry, which must adhere to HIPAA regulations. We leverage enterprise-grade security, including AES 256-bit